Actionable Intelligence is transforming big data into meaningful insights, driving operations and business value for Industry 4.0

Improve Asset Utilization, Predict Machine Failures, Enhance Operations Efficiency and Maximize RoI


Fulassure is the Actionable Intelligence Platform

Enabling Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT Solutions
Leveraging Big-Data Analytics and Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms
Powered by State-of-the-Art Technology Stack

Core Platform Capabilities


Operations Intelligence Suite

Remote Asset Monitoring
Alarm/Ticketing Workflows
Monitor Key Performance Indicators and SLAs


Actionable Intelligence Suite

Predict Failures in Assets
Send Actionable Alerts
Forecast Metric Performance


Business Intelligence Suite

Enable Innovative Business Models
Manage Customer Life-cycle
Dynamic Pricing and Payments

  • “Predictive Maintenance is a leading use-case for Industry 4.0. As per market research, predictive maintenance solutions is poised to grow from $2.2 B in 2017 to $10.9B in 2022, at 39% CAGR.”
  • “The global IoT Energy market is estimated to grow from USD 7.59 Billion in 2015 to USD 22.34 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 24.1% during the forecast period of 2015-2020”
  • “The global market for utility-scale PV and operations & maintenance (O&M) will reach 200GW-220GW by the end of 2017.”
    GTM Research

Solution Portfolio


Smart Renewables

Analytics Solutions for Solar Energy and other Renewables.
Maximise operation efficiency, RoI and Asset lifetime value through Actionable Intelligence.

Flassure Solar

Smart Infrastructure

Cloud based operation software for EV charging network. Manage charging infrastructure seamlessly with fulcharge to maximize operation efficiency and minimize downtime.

Fulcharge CNOS

Connected Automotive

Analytics Solutions for Connected Vehicles and EV Eco-system.
Real-time vehicle performance monitoring, Data collection, Predictive analytics.