Power purchase rates with grid is falling sharply,
making every joule count

A matter of concern for Solar Asset Owners, EPCs and O&M Service Providers


Fault Isolation

Isolating under-performing modules and faulty assets in a large scale solar set-up takes multiple days, which leads to downtime, generation and revenue losses.

Business Impact: Top-Line,Generation SLA targets.

Operations Efficiency

Scheduling visits of field teams to remote set-ups for periodic maintenance is OPEX intensive despite no problems. Besides, operations teams are not consistent across the plant or sites.

Business Impact: Bottom-Line, Operational SLA targets.


Multi-Vendor Systems

Managing multiple OEM vendors and their respective assets is complex with each having their own inventory, proprietary protocols and element management systems.

Business Impact: Plant asset lifetime, Warranty Enforcement.

Fulassure is

"The Actionable Intelligence Platform"

Enabling Preventive & Predictive Maintenance for Solar Installations Powered by

IoT, Big-data Analytics and AI Technologies

Next-Generation SCADA

Integrated IoT Hardware, Data Connectivity
Operations Systems and Predictive Analytics for Remote Monitoring 

  • Data Analytics 


    Wireless Data Acquisition and Data Analytics

    Data Acquisition through IoT:
    Data from remote solar setups is acquired through IoT Device.
    IoT Connectivity to Cloud is over Wireless Communication
    Data analytics is then performed for operations inteligence.

    Data is the New Oil for Actionable Insights..

  • Asset Management


    Multi-Vendor Asset Management Made Easy

    Real-Time Operational Views
    Site-Level Topology Heatmaps
    EoX and Warranty Alerts

    Connectors for Easy Integration with Vendor specific element management systems and respective protocol/data exchange formats.

  • Corrective Maintenance


    Know When it Breaks

    Remote Diagnostics
    Root-cause Analytics
    Problem Knowledge Base

    Millions of sensors sending petabytes of data (big data) every day makes it humanly impossible to diagnose and isolate root-cause in the event of unplanned outage and takes days to isolate and fix the issue.

  • Preventive Maintenance


    Reduce Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

    Real-time Alarms
    Scheduled Maintenance Alerts
    Workforce Management

    Enhance the operations with proactive and preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  • Predictive Maintenance


    Predict loss and Failure before it Occurs

    Predictive Alerts
    Generation & Revenue Forecast
    Actionable Insights

    Predictive maintenance with actionable insights will drive business and operation value.

  • “Predictive Maintenance is a leading use-case for Industry 4.0. As per market research, predictive maintenance  solutions is poised to grow from $2.2 B in 2017 to $10.9B in 2022, at 39% CAGR.”
  • “Predictive maintenance can generate savings of up to 12% over scheduled repairs, leading to a 30% reduction in maintenance costs and a 70% cut in downtime from equipment breakdowns”
    Accenture Report
  • “The global market for utility-scale PV and operations & maintenance (O&M) will reach 200GW-220GW by the end of 2017.”
    GTM Research

Business Outcomes

Save 15-25% of Annual O&M Costs
Increase Asset Lifetime and Plant Uptime
Maximize Profitability with Increased Generation

  • Protect Assets 

    Live status & asset tracking
    Asset details with warranty tracking Reporting on each individual asset

  • Minimize Downtime 

    Real-time fault detection.
    Send actionable alerts
    Remote Troubleshooting of faults Module level monitoring

  • Reduce Opex

    Avoid regular check-ups
    Reduce scheduled maintenance
    Visit set-up on ad-hoc basis.

  • Low Labor Maintenance  

    Reduce Unwanted labour usage. Labour estimation for Corrective Maintenance during repairs. Preventive maintenance helps in reducing labour requirements.

  • Seamless Business Execution 

    Status Reports
    Multiple sites reports
    Executive reports
    Individual Assets report

  • Raise Benchmarks  

    Asset to Asset Comparison
    Site Level Performance Benchmarking

Our Portfolio

End-to-End Service Assurance for Solar Plants with
Single Pane of Glass for owners, EPCs and O&M service providers.


On-Grid Solar Monitoring

Large Scale Solar Plants connected to the Grid.

Off-Grid Solar Monitoring

Small Scale Roof-top Solar Plants not connected to the grid.

Micro Off-Grid Solar Monitoring

 Installations where Appliances like CCTV powered by Solar Panels through Battery.